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What are Elements?

Elements are the main point of Elemental Awakening, hence the name. They come in many forms with many different moves, and can range from very weak in force to extremely powerful. Currently, elements are obtainable by two methods, spinning and curses. For more info about spins and curses, click on them.

Element Rarities

Currently, there are 6 different rarities of elements.

Common- Fire, Water, Lightning (3 elements added up to 89.85% chance of getting from spins)

Uncommon- Earth, Wind (2 elements added up to 7.5% chance of getting from spins)

Rare- Light, Darkness, Metal (3 elements added up to 2.09% chance of getting from spins)

Exotic- Eclipse, Blood (2 elements added up to 0.4% chance of getting from spins)

Legendary- Celestial (1 element added up to 0.15% chance of getting from spins)

Heavenly- Time, Reality Collapse (2 elements added up to 0.01% chance of getting from spins)

Fire - Water - Lightning - Earth - Wind - Light - Darkness - Metal - Blood - Eclipse - Celestial - Time - Reality Collapse - Gravity

Other Info

There are two versisons of element casting, Regular Casting and Maximum Casting. Maximum casts, or max cast for short, can be used when the cast button is held for a slightly longer period of time, resulting in a different and sometimes more powerful effect than a regular cast.

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